JB Portrait
Our Story

I designed my first (ostrich) wallet when I was 16. I still have it.

There were many others in the following years, either for myself or as gifts to my friends. That’s how I (re)discovered crocodile a while back.

Back then crocodile was like a museum dress: absolutely gorgeous but your girlfriend wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it. It was shiny and beautiful and immediately evocative of pimps and scenes of the Godfather. Then the idea hit: make it modern, make it chic, make it affordable.

I made my first wallet and the response around me was phenomenal: soon I had to make more for friends or face social exile. Thanks to them today we are a brand bearing my name. And our wallets are still tested on the people we love.

Another approach to luxury that we hope to share with you.


Our Values

We are a Parisian brand dedicated to the fine art of luxury wallet-making.

Workaholic frequent travellers, tastemaker party animals and all around no-nonsense hedonists, Jason’s friends were our first clients… and our most vocal critics!

Hand-made with integrity by people making fair wages in decent working conditions, a Jason Briggs product will become an everyday companion: one that just like its owner ages beautifully while going seamlessly from jeans to tuxedo.

An everyday luxury that is truly yours.

Jason Briggs Crocodile Wallet Carftmanship
Jason Briggs Craftmanship Life Resist


We believe luxury is combining the best from the past to new technology. Innovation is part of our dna which is how we created: Life-Resist©

A technical prowess and a Jason Briggs exclusive, Life-Resist© is a revolutionary treatment that waterproofs crocodile skin.

Available as an option on all our crocodile products, it’s the ideal solution for people on the move… and the spillers…